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The Deeplink Marketplace helps you find deep links based on specific functions, and enables your app to serve content and deep links for other apps on your users' phones.

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How It Works

Deeplink helps your app figure out what other apps are on your user's phone, and deep link right to that content in-app.

For example, if you are a movie ticket app (eg. Fandango), and you want to help users find good restaurants around them after they purchase a movie ticket (to add extra value to your offering by leveraging another app's functionality), you can query the Deeplink Marketplace for "restaurant recommendation" deep links from other installed apps on the user's phone. The Deeplink Marketplace API would then return the right deep links from, for example, Yelp, Foursquare, OpenTable, etc.

Useful Deep Links

Add awesome features for your users, let them seamlessly flow to other apps that they love.

Know Your Users

Got an idea for a partnership with another app? We'll help you test the use case to check if your users click.

Make Your App Better

Deeplink will extend your app's value, and make it even stronger! Users will thank you for it.

Which Apps Use the Deeplink Marketplace and API?


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